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  • Do Not Skip Your Meals

    In Health Tips On 27 January 2017

    ​ Did you know ? 'OUR STOMACH ACID IS EVEN STRONG ENOUGH TO DISSOLVE RAZOR BLADES '. The pH of the stomach is between 1 to 3. Matlab ? It is approx as acidic as the Battery Acid. Oh my gosh, is that why we are prone to ACIDITY ? Yes and then when Acidity pe dhyaan nahi diya (if kept unchecked) toh it leads to GASTRITIS. Aur phir Gastritis pe bhi dhyaan nahi diya (if kept unchecked) toh leads to ULCER. Arey ! Ab toh dhyaan do !! (buck-up now atleast) warna (or else) it will lead to PEPTIC ULCER. Aur agar ab bhiiiii nahi sudhrey, toh ....... Bhagwan bachae... (only God can save us) Toh kya karein (then what should we do ???) NIP - IT - IN - THE - BUD - Don't give a chance to Acidity. And how do we keep Acidity at bay? By making sure, that the acid in the stomach gets neutralized. That's why I always tell all my clients, time and again, please, please, please "DO NOT SKIP YOUR MEALS." Ab bhi nahi samjhe ??? P.S - It means you need to be regular with your meals and eat on time.      

  • The Sweet Tooth

    In Diet  On 04 August 2017

    Being a sweet person by offering sweets to yourself after a meal is not necessarily a good thing. It adds up excess calories to our body and affects our emotions and weight as well. Our sugar cravings, especially after a meal arise out of one or more of the following reasons: 1.      Too salty or spicy food, leads to our body having the need of compensation of that extra ingredients, by having a dessert. 2.      Dehydration  not drinking enough water leads to dehydration. We sub consciously look for alternates and one of them is sugar intake. 3.      We ate too much simple carbs, fast food which lack enough fat and fiber yet dont feel satiated. We get a feeling despite eating a lot of ... I am still hungry. Maybe you recollect ordering a sizzling chocolate brownie with ice cream after junk food. 4.      Eating unmindfully ... Being physically present and mentally absent not just affects studies or work, it also affects the act of eating. When we are not mindful during our meal we eat too fast or dont chew well. Hence, the signal to the brain to secrete the necessary enzymes to digest the food is missed. So, what is the point of all this? To reduce the sugar craving, we need to: 1.      Normalize your salt intake. 2.      Stay hydrated. Keep sipping water through the day. 3.      Opt for whole foods over refined ones. 4.      Eat mindfully. (No multi-tasking please). And if you still end up having a sugar craving, chew 1 tsp of roasted/raw fennel seeds post your meal. Make sure you ask for it while you are dining out. It will definitely help you watch your weight as well as save yourself from the guilt trap. Moreover, it would also help in digestion P.S - Sugar craving is not always bad, but especially after a meal is some form of compensation.

  • Nature's Winter Shield - Fenugreek Leaves

    In Diet  On 24 November 2017

    NATURE’s WINTER SHIELD – Fenugreek Leaves Fenugreek leaves, also known as ‘Methi ki bhaaji’ in Hindi and ‘Vendhiyam keerai’ in Tamil, a seasonal green leafy vegetable is a nature provided shield to protect us during winters. According to Ayurveda, it is known to produce heat in the body which protects our body during harsh winters by stabilizing body temperature. Every alternate meal should have a serving of one green leafy vegetable and fenugreek leaves is one of the best during winters. Let’ see how it can be our best friend - Fenugreek leaves help maintain blood sugar levels – assists in weight loss – lowers bad cholesterol – improves good cholesterol – improves digestion – treats heartburn / acid-reflux – cures respiratory allergies/congestion – relieves arthritis pain – fights kidney issues – increases milk production in lactating mothers - stabilizes body temperature. Try Methi involved veggies like Aloo Methi, Malai Methi Matar, Plain Methi Sabji, Methi-Besan or other recipes like Methi Muthiya, Methi-Bajri Dhebra, Methi-Dal/ Methi-Paruppu, Methi Paratha. P.S – It is best to consume fenugreek leaves preferable during winters over other seasons.

  • The Skin Glow Salad

    In Diet  On 11 December 2017

    THE SKIN GLOW SALAD ‘Face is the index of the mind’, agreed. Also, did you know ‘skin is the direct reflection of the stomach’? The skin actually reflects how efficient the digestive system and how clean the colon is. Raw papaya (also known as green papaya) is rich in fibre which acts like a broom (jhaadu) that cleans the stomach. Once the stomach is cleansed of toxins, the skin becomes healthy. Anti-oxidants in the raw papaya neutralize the free radicals making the skin look younger. Raw papaya is also packed with a lot of enzymes and phytonutrients (much more than that of a ripe papaya) that nourishes the skin. So make a salad by grating raw papaya, seasoning it and add a dash of lime. Have it periodically with your meal. It is absolutely simple to make and delicious to taste. P.S – Raw papaya is a very good diet remedy for constipation thus making it the best beauty product in our kitchen.  

  • Diet Tips For Christmas

    In Diet  On 25 December 2017

    1. Don’t shop hungry – We tend to buy a lot more junk on an empty stomach 2. Keep sipping warm water – That will ensure proper hydration and balance temperature 3. Don’t starve yourself – It can get us get ravenous at the party 4. Keep having small and frequent meals – It will save us from the sugar spikes 5. Control portion size – Especially with the desserts 6. Make smart substitutions – Choose your menu wisely 7. Chew well – This will help avoid over-eating 8. Walk more – Taking a walk around ensures activity in case we’ve missed on our work-out 9. Limit alcohol consumption - Try alternatives 10. Catch up with your sleep – That will help maintain our hormonal balance  

  • Healthy New Year 2018 Resolutions

    In Diet  On 01 January 2018

    Let’s make some simplified easy health resolutions which will bring louder results. Start your day with warm water. Sunlight exposure during sunrise. Breathe deep, exhale slow. Exercise at least 30 min/day. Have at least 1 seasonal fruit before breakfast. Include a serving of green sabji/keerai in lunch. End lunch with a serving of curd/buttermilk. Gulp less, chew more. Eat slowly. No multitasking, please. One teaspoon of mixed roasted seeds post meal. End your day with a glass of warm milk. Sleep away from gadgets. When it comes to health, remember, “Slow and steady always wins the race.”

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