Food Combinations

Food Combinations

By Urvi Shah  on: 21 November 2017
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Nutrition gives us Nourishment. While Nutrition has always been a term used in the context of food, the body is actually nourished in many ways and ‘food’ is just one of them.

Every healthy food, by itself, has nutrition to offer, nevertheless, there is a very effective yet overlooked way to maximize nutrient absorption and reap its benefit and that is by making simple food combinations. So let’s understand how to get the best nourishment from foods.

Topping the list of food combinations is a Cereal - Pulse combination 
This combination is the best way to get good quality protein, especially for Vegetarians. Cereals generally lack in an amino acid called lysine but are high in tryptophan, methionine and cystine. Legumes/Pulses lack in amino acids like tryptophan, methionine and cystine but rich in lysine. When we combine these two food groups we get all essential amino acid and improve the quality of proteins. This combination will almost make it a COMPLETE PROTEIN. 

For example
Rice + Black gram = Idly / Dosa / Uttapam 
Wheat + Toor Dal = Puran Poli / Dal-dhokli 
Rice + Green-gram Dal = Khichdi / Pongal 
Wheat + Chick-pea = Chappati with Chole 
Rice + Toor Dal = Sambar-rice / Dal-rice

Note - Every Cereal - Legume/Pulse combination is best achieved in recommended proportions.

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