Let's Energize Our Food

Let's Energize Our Food

By Urvi Shah  on: 29 November 2017
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Food energizes us because of the presence of life-force in them. But did you know that food loses its life-force when it is subjected to different conditions?

 When the food is refrigerated, overcooked, reheated, fast-cooked, microwaved, cooked with negative emotions, it is ripped off its nutrition thus making it low in life-force. Similarly, the nutritive value of food can be enhanced when it’s cooked using fresh ingredients, slow-cooked, cooked with positive emotions. The nutritive value of raw foods is the highest coz they have the maximum life-force energy (basically coz they are straight from nature).

An additional way to enhance the nutritive value of foods and improve the life-force in them is by storing them under a Pyramid. The energy under a pyramid is almost 3 times higher thus –

Food stored under a pyramid stays fresh 2 to 3 times longer than uncovered food - slows down the growth of micro-organisms - enhances the natural taste of food – improves nutritive value - energizes food – improves shelf life at room temperature.

Tip – Store raw veggies and fruits under a pyramid instead of refrigerating them.


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