Methi Ke Laddu

Methi Ke Laddu

By Urvi Shah  on: 02 December 2017
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‘Methi ke laddu’ is a type of health laddu especially made during winters. It’s made with a combination of fenugreek (methi) seed powder, whole wheat flour (atta), tragacanth gum (gond katira), almonds (badam), jaggery (gul), dry ginger powder (soonth), peepramul (ganthoda) and ghee.

So basically it contains all the healthy ingredients which are nutritionally high and winter supportive. Have one laddu in the morning and you are done with your winter tonic for the day!!!

How to make it? The best person to help you with the recipe and the process would be your Dadi/Nani/Paati/Mommy. I just recently learnt it from my Mom. Delicious (with a dash of bitterness), healthy (to the core) and trust me, it’s worth it!!!


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